the scoop on DIRTYHERTZ

Max Gronlund
Conceptual Development

Jason Wolf
Product Specialist

Alex Studer
Sound Designer & Composer

Today underdog - Tomorrow topdog

We make synthesizers, signal processors, audio effects, and development tools.

We're good at it.

We've been putting most of our energy and time into the development of our products, not our advertising.

After all, if our products weren't any good then you wouldn't want them, no matter how big our name was.

The fact remains that someone can make the best synthesizer or compressor in the world and still not sell many of them because not enough people know about them.

That doesn't mean we're going to tell you our products are the best in the world. No one can say that.

What we are saying is this:

We're going to start telling you more about our products, but there's going to be no false promises, and no empty claims.

We're going to tell you exactly what we make and how to get the most out of it.

We're going to prove that a sale doesn't end when you walk out of the store, or open the sealed package.

We're going to do some things to shake up this industry... and turn a few heads.

We have some big tadalafil generico names to compete with. We know this and you know who they are.

So from now on the underdog is simply going to look more and more like the topdog.

Because that's exactly what we intend to be.