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Beta Tester/Sound Design

Voltz, aka Lee Sebel, brings a wealth of experience to the KeyToSound family.  He first became involved with synthesizers thanks to a high school friend, and went on to receive formal training in conjunction with a senior year project in 1976.   Connections made led to a position as synthesizer expert at one of the US's Top 10 music retailers, Arnold & Morgan Music Co., in the Dallas, TX area.  He ran their synthesizer department for over 5 years, while also doing studio work, live performance and private synthesizer instruction.

From there Lee proceeded to provide consulting services to ARP Instruments and would eventually hold down product specialist, consultant and/or sales rep positions with Roland, Kurzweil and most recently, Moog Music.

In addition to creating his own electronic sounds and compositions, he's lent his programming skills to a variety of artists including Keith Emerson, Vince Clarke (Depeche Mode, Erasure),  Doane Perry (Jethro Tull) and John Novello (Niacin). 

Some of his accomplishments include:

• Factory programmer for Roland's Juno 60, one of the best-selling synthesizers in industry history

• Helped create and implement the Roland Learning Center, the first dedicated in-house emusic training facility offered by a manufacturer

• Presented the first public demonstration of MIDI to the trade and press in January of 1983

• Developed and presented an electronic music curriculum for 2nd grade students in conjunction with the Richardson (TX) school district

• 2nd-generation Jeopardy! contestant

Over the years he has performed with a variety of bands, and, as Voltz, was a top-charting artist during the heyday of  Selections from that area are currently available for your dining and dancing pleasure at:

Lee currently performs with Lord Kalvert in the Salt Lake City, UT area.  He's eagerly looking forward to incorporating Nexsyn into his live performance work as well as a new round of solo electronic music compositions and eventually solo looping performances.