Max Gronlund

Max paved the way for software synthesizers back in 1998 when he developed and delivered Koblo's Studio 9000 bundle to studios world wide.

As Chief Developer for KeyToSound, Max is once again developing cutting edge technology for an industry he help start.

Max wants you to sound different. Max wants you to be unique. Max puts his knowledge and passion into developing synthesizers, instruments, and effects so that you can be just that. Nothing more, nothing less.

You... heard right.


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Max Gronlund
Conceptual Development

Nyquist - The Fundamental

Alex Studer
Sound Designer & Composer

you know Jeff Drew?
Jeff Drew, a visual oriented human, does stuff for us. Check out what he does for himself, and you'll get it.

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Our Mission Statement
KeyToSound sets out to produce exceptional software instruments and audio effects.