Alex Studer
Sound Designer & Composer

alex studer
composer - sound designer

Starting classical piano at age 4, Alex Studer has been deeply involved in music his entire life.
In numerous bands and studio projects through highschool and college, Alex studied music at UC Santa Barbara and the Grove School of Music in Los Angeles.

Over the past 20 years Alex has honed his professional engineering and mixing skills at NRG Recording in North Hollywood, working closely with owner/producer Jay Baumgardner on a number of professional album projects. Alex has produced a number of albums including Insecto, SpaseSoot, Love/Hate, AgencyE, King of Swords, the late Erik Torjesen, and has composed national TV ads for Levis, Nike, Pepsi, Nissan, Alamo, CA Lottery, Columbia Pictures Marketing, and many others.

In his early career Alex spent nearly four years as a senior tech at Digidesign, worked as a contractor for such industry heavyweights as Thomas Dolby, George Daly and Mooka Rennick, and was a staff composer/sound designer for over three years at a top bicoastal jingle house.

Currently Alex is chief engineer and a composer at a professional Burbank studio creating albums and TV/film soundtracks and is currently working on projects for John Otto of Limp Bizkit and David Foster. Alex continues to write his own song material and is available to discuss your next project's scoring needs.

His original music can be found at or on iTunes as King of Swords.

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Alex Studer
Sound Designer & Composer

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