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NetNotes F.A.Q
system requirements: Internet connection
Even though it's not necessary, a high speed internet connection is suggested for auditioning presets.




Nexsyn has this unique way of browsing presets. It can access online directories while you're using the instrument. This method of uploading, auditioning, and acquiring of presets is called NetNotes.


With NetNotes you can:

Upload Nexsyn presets to your private or public folders online. These folders can be accessible by other sound designers who can audition and download your presets.

Audition presets made by others to see if they fit in the mix. You don't have to leave your session to find the right sound. Nexsyn can audition presets while in the session. You can audition the presets posted by other users, but you can't save or edit them until you acquire them. The FX used in the preset can be turned on and off, or changed to another effect. This means you can audition the preset "dry".

Access localized directories of presets for synthesis labs or multi-room facilities. You can set up private NetNotes directories which can be accessed from different locations. Professors can distribute synthesis lessons to all the students; producers can work in different rooms; and laptops and desktops can share presets effortlessly.

Start off with 1000 NetNotes!

NetNotes is modeled after a non-monetary value "token" system. You make NetNotes when people download your presets and you spend NetNotes when you buy presets from other users. It's that simple. You decide how much your presets are worth by setting the NetNotes price.

The Nexsyn preset browser window connects you to your online NetNotes account (internet connection required of course) where you can upload, audition and acquire presets instantly and in real time.