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NetNotes F.A.Q
system requirements: Internet connection
Even though it's not necessary, a high speed internet connection is suggested for auditioning presets.

NetNotes F.A.Q

What is that text field for?

The text field is used to describe the preset in words. This is helpful to let others know about how your preset is designed, for example if you have a high pass filter controlled by the modulation wheel, or if the preset evolves over time.

Can I trade in my NetNotes for money?

No, sorry - you can not trade NetNotes in for cash.

What other company uses a system like NetNotes?

None that we know of - we are the first.

Do you guys censor the text field of the presets?

We will of course read them and see them. If they are offensive in anyway, we reserve the right to edit or remove it entirely.

How do i get more NetNotes?

You can get more NetNotes a few different ways. One is to design more presets, upload them to your public NetNotes folder and wait for others to download them. We also sell them on our web shop.

What if I don't connect my music PC to the internet?

Read the NetNotes Scenerios or contact technical support.

Will NetNotes be featured in other products?