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" NexSyn provides a great initial user experience for those who know little or nothing about synthesis. You'll be up and running instantly and inspired by its sounds. On a deeper level, the structure and layout of the interface for NexSyn is so intuitive and powerful that we will be incorporating NexSyn and its well written tutorials and manuals as part of our Synthesis Courses here @ Icon Collective."

- David Alexander, Icon Collective - Icon Collective is a NU-School for Digital Music Production in Los Angeles: visit www.learn2produce.com for more info.

“Nexsyn dutifully provides what most hybrid softies lack in realistic-sounding full-length samples.  That, as well as a true stereo signal path with freely assignable filters and modulation from beginning to end, make an ideal environment for vivid panoramic imagery.”

Jason Scott Alexander, Remix Magazine, April 2007

"Very cool stuff, I came up with some nice thick mid range bass sounds, and some swirly reverse flute-like sounds. The interface is well laid out and intuative. The sounds are solid and bold."

-Dave Strand, of "The Strand", Arizona based Industrial Band - www.strandland.com

"I first worked with Max Grønlund in the days of the groundbreaking Koblo softsynths -- Vibra9000, Gamma9000, and Stella9000 -- and developed considerable respect for his uncompromising and slightly insane approach to synth design. I was pleased to learn of Max's newest sonic exploit, Nexsyn; it promises to combine a rich feature setwith a wonderful sound, and I'm looking forward to reviewing it in the pages of RECORDING Magazine."

-Dr. Mike Metlay, Recording Magazine


"Nexsyn is proof positive that not kamagra 100mg all softsynths are created equal. The Nexsyn sounds LEAP out of the speakers, with presence and power closer to the instruments that they emulate then sheer software. On a top-end DAW, one could easily be fooled....If I had the choice to use just one virtual software instrument in my production work, it would be Nexsyn. The factory sounds that come with Nexsyn were brilliantly selected; full-bodied, fat-free. They stand on their own..no processing required. Keytosound is THE company to watch and listen to; I'm sure that they will be a major contender (if not top dog) in the coming years. I predict a long and healthy life. Native processing has come of age...witness Nexsyn. Beats many hands-down, right out of the box. You can tell that some real intelligence has gone into the design and programming of this baby. Not a 'me-too' synth; serious depth and power abound. One could spend months exploring it's potential, and STILL not exhaust all of it's possibilities. A milestone in native synthesizer programming. If there is a better softsyn out there, please let us know. The people that produce Nexsyn are the best. Many, many, revisions were involved in the building of this product, and it shows. They were not satisfied with Nexsyn until it was a Monster Truck, ready to take on the competition head-on. Nexsyn absolutely rocks...no (2) ways about it. Native Instruments, the 'Goliath', meet Keytosound, the 'David'. With Nexsyn in hand, Goliath had better look out...."

- Roger J. Hart, BETA Tester

"When I got the chance to use this virtual synth, I was hooked. This has replaced several programs I was previously using for computer synthesizers. NexSyn pumps out thick textures that producers, sound designers, and musicians can use to fill their compositions along with searing lead sounds. This is the hottest synth sound out there." – Jakob Perkins  

“All in all, NetNotes is an intriguing fusion of social networking and commerce aspiring to offer good sounds and good fun for all. Other companies are sure to take note.” - Josh Jancourtz, createdigitalmusic.com


“I can't believe that this is free! What a great synth. Excellent work Keytosound.”

Heather Mason, macmusic.org, of Remedy


“Several of the filters sound pretty convincing, and interestingly, offer dual cutoff knobs.  This is a nice touch that goes beyond what we’ve come to expect from traditional analogue emulations.  The Nenotes system is very cool.” – Computer Music Magazine, April 2007