NAMM Summer Session 2006

NAMM Summer Session 2006
Well, we busted our tails to have something to show at Summer NAMM, and here we are. Our exhibit booth features 4 24" Dell displays. There are two displays mirrored on each side of the booth.


One side has a Pentium 3.2 Ghz PC with a Hammerfall DSP 9632 soundcard. The PC has Cubase, ProTools LE, Sonar 5, Project 5, and Cakewalk. The other side has a Mac Dual 2Ghz G5 with a Digi 002r running ProTools LE 7 and Logic 7.


Each demo system has a CME UF5 controller for hands on control of the Nexsyn, which is routed through a Genelec 8040A bi-amplified monitoring system backed by the 7060A Sub-woofer. What's the max dB level at the show again? I quess we'll find out.

On the center island and on the floor, I'll have my OSX/WinXP dual boot MacBook Pro and Ozone with me, and a pair of headphones. We designed the booth this way to cater to any host program and platform. If you're at the show, stop by!

Dan Brown from Future Music Mag stopped to say hello.
Huston Singletary - sound design extrodinare, talks shop with Max.
Katie from Academic Distribution wants the INetSynth... but we showed her Nexsyn...
Roll the DICE! Morton, a veteran of TC Electronics, smiles as Max shows him the Nexsyn.
Open Labs, our neighbors.
Dr. Mike from Recording Magazine