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A synthesizer for those who want to learn how to program a synth.

Nexsyn is a hybrid instrument that combines sample playback and synthesis technology. Nexsyn is designed for the musician, sound designer, and producer who wishes for a powerful synthesizer with high quality output, advanced modulation, and precise sample based key-map playback. Whether you’re in the studio or on stage Nexsyn is the only way to get to NetNotes – the revolutionary way to audition, share, and acquire presets.


"I first worked with Max Grønlund in the days of
the groundbreaking Koblo softsynths -- Vibra9000,
Gamma9000, and Stella9000 -- and developed
considerable respect for his uncompromising and
slightly insane approach to synth design. I was
pleased to learn of Max's newest sonic exploit,
Nexsyn; it promises to combine a rich feature set
with a wonderful sound, and I'm looking forward
to reviewing it in the pages of RECORDING

-Dr. Mike Metlay


"Nexsyn is proof positive that not all softsynths are created equal. The Nexsyn sounds LEAP out of the speakers, with presence and power closer to the instruments that they emulate then sheer software. On a top-end DAW, one could easily be fooled....If I had the choice to use just one virtual software instrument in my production work, it would be Nexsyn. The factory sounds that come with Nexsyn were brilliantly selected; full-bodied, fat-free. They stand on their processing required. Keytosound is THE company to watch and listen to; I'm sure that they will be a major contender (if not top dog) in the coming years. I predict a long and healthy life. Native processing has come of age...witness Nexsyn. Beats many hands-down, right out of the box. You can tell that some real intelligence has gone into the design and programming of this baby. Not a 'me-too' synth; serious depth and power abound. One could spend months exploring it's potential, and STILL not exhaust all of it's possibilities. A milestone in native synthesizer programming. If there is a better softsyn out there, please let us know. The people that produce Nexsyn are the best. Many, many, revisions were involved in the building of this product, and it shows. They were not satisfied with Nexsyn until it was a Monster Truck, ready to take on the competition head-on. Nexsyn absolutely (2) ways about it. Native Instruments, the 'Goliath', meet Keytosound, the 'David'. With Nexsyn in hand, Goliath had better look out...." - Roger J. Hart, BETA Tester