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conceptual synthesizers

We don't have the screenshots or pics to show you at the moment, but here's something really cool we're working on:

A device that has FW I/O and an 1/8" output jack. The device sports an 80GB SATA hard drive. We've been thinking about Flash RAM of course... but XWM would have to be revamped, plus certain companies have a lock on that technology, so we're going with a SATA drive for affordability in both time and money. The elfs haven't started compiling XWM for linux and they probably won't.

For Hardware, we're looking at using two Dice chips, custom logic, integrated controls, and Audio/Midi FW I/O and USB2. The device will be able to run synthesizers that you can edit via on the computer or with a scroll wheel. Since it will be Blue Tooth enabled, you won't have to bother linking with FW (IEEE 1493) for preset exhanging.

The device could also be thought of as a simple portable soft synth player. When bundled with our FrameworK2S software, one could develop their own instrument, sampler, Midi controlled instrument to ride on this device. If you're interested in anything we've just mentioned, give us a shout.

The NetSynth

KeyToSound, a new company based in Denmark, announced its first product: the NetSynth Pilot system. The system consists of a 2U rack module and a small console for remote editing operations.

The NetSynth Pilot system has been designed as a high-end digital synthesizer, so be prepared for a little sticker shock. Pricing on the system is $5000. But this isn't just your basic virtual analog synth either.

Sounds are created from a total of 128 oscillators and 64 filters. Together with a flexible matrix architecture and more than 120 parameters for each of the 16 layers and 96 system parameters to play around with.

This huge synthesizer system is designed to be a "must have" for those sound designers and artists whom want to be at the leading edge of sound design or just want to distinguish their synthesizer sound from the other players.

The NetSynth Pilot system has a build in database with room for 16384 presets, and nice features for system administration. These features are aimed towards the professional producers of modern pop, rock and film music.

The NetSynth Pilot system is operated from a small "pilot" console featuring a 16:9 format touch screen with millions of colors and four alpha dials. The pilot console will fit on top of your favorite MIDI controller keyboard or beside your DAW's monitor.

With more than 2.000 parameters to "tweak" KeyToSound realized the need for a totally new type of interface. The solution was an interface with more than 30 easy to use screens organized in a logical manner and an ultra cool navigation, by the way when the monitor is there, why not use it for a ultra cool oscilloscope that automatically displays and syncs to the latest played voice.

Key Features
• 16 Voices
• 16 Layers
• 128 Oscillators: FM, AM, PWM and hard sync.
• 64 Filters: 16 different filter types
• 48 Envelopes: 4 stages with key and velocity tracking
• 32 LFO's
• 96 Modulation Matrices
• 2 Stereo Effects
• 96 kHz Digital stereo I/O
• Balanced Stereo I/O

A synthesizer for those who want to learn how to program a synth.


concept files
conceptual synthesizers
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