The REMEDY is a FREE software synthesizer. This synth runs as a VST on Windows XP or as a VST and AU on a PowerPC. The Universal Binaries are coming very soon. Download it now and get a taste of our sound engine. If you can get this much for free - image what you get with the Nexsyn! Here's what you get with the REMEDY:

- Portamento with Automatic Setting or user set amount
- 5 voice Polyphony
- Monophic Mode
- Legato Mode

LFO Section:
- Global ON/OFF
- 6 Waveforms
- Adjustable Rate and Attenuation
- Pitch
- FM Modulation Send
- PW Modulation Send
- Cut off amount

Amp Section:
- Attenuation
- Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release (AHDSR Envelope) controls
- Pulse Width Modulation Amount
- FM Modulation Amount

Oscillator Section
- Two Oscillators
- Osc.1 : 5 waveforms
- Osc. 2 : 7 waveforms
- Mix control between Osc. 1 and Osc. 2
- Pulse Width Modulation Amount
- FM Modulation Amount
- Osc. Mix

Filter Section
- Filter Amount
- Attack, Decay, and Sustain controls
- Cutoff Frequency
- Resonance Amount
- Drive Amount
- Mod Wheel Control Amount
- Velocity Control Amount

Arpegiattor Section
- Syncronize to Host
- 1 to 4 Octave Range
- Echo FX On/Off
- 7 Mode Settings
- 7 Pattern Settings

A synthesizer for those who want to learn how to program a synth.


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