Download Remedy 1.1r3 for Windows XP.
Supports VST and RTAS on Windows XP. Updated 3/6/07.

Download Remedy 1.1r3 for Mac.
Supports VST (including 2.4), AU, RTAS 6 and RTAS 7. Universal Binaries. Remedy 1.1 fixes bugs with AU and RTAS. When running Remedy as an AU, run the AU Manager to have Remedy show up properly in Logic. Updated 3/6/07.

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Remedy running on the Open Labs MIko (video #1 13.5MB)

REMEDY is a FREE software synthesizer and probably the only free synth featuring an arpegiator! Version 1.1 includes fixes for the AU version, support for VST 2.4, RTAS 6, and RTAS 7 plugin format for Mac OS X (universal binaries) and RTAS for XP is now supported. Download it now by clicking on the download links to the left. Here's what you get with the REMEDY:

- Portamento with Automatic Setting or user set amount
- 5 voice Polyphony
- Monophic Mode
- Legato Mode

LFO Section:
- Global ON/OFF
- 6 Waveforms
- Adjustable Rate and Attenuation
- Pitch
- FM Modulation Send
- PW Modulation Send
- Cut off amount

Amp Section:
- Attenuation
- Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release (AHDSR Envelope) controls
- Pulse Width Modulation Amount
- FM Modulation Amount

Oscillator Section
- Two Oscillators
- Osc.1 : 5 waveforms
- Osc. 2 : 7 waveforms
- Mix control between Osc. 1 and Osc. 2
- Pulse Width Modulation Amount
- FM Modulation Amount
- Osc. Mix

Filter Section
- Filter Amount
- Attack, Decay, and Sustain controls
- Cutoff Frequency
- Resonance Amount
- Drive Amount
- Mod Wheel Control Amount
- Velocity Control Amount

Arpegiattor Section
- Syncronize to Host
- 1 to 4 Octave Range
- Echo FX On/Off
- 7 Mode Settings
- 7 Pattern Settings